Working with branches/releases

Hello everyone.

In StoplightNext what are your advice to deal with different releases ?

Here is my use case :

  • I have the release 1.0 of the Swagger and Scenarios for our production
  • I have the release 2.0 for the current development sprint, with new additional features
  • I have the release 2.1 for the future sprint, still being designed

Now, let’s say that an issue is encountered in production. The fix needs to modify the release 1.0 like this :

  • a little fix in the Swagger (a validation constraint for example)
  • a new Scenario, or new steps in an existing scenario in order to validate the fix and to improve the non-regression tests.

These modifications have to be copied in the releases 2.0 and 2.1.
It’s painful to do it manually, and there is an important risk of human error.

So the questions are :

  • Is there a way to merge project files in Stoplight Next ? (I’m not ready to upgrade to Studio)
  • To Stoplight team : What is your recommendation to achive this need ?
  • To Stoplight users : How do you manage this in your company ?

Many thanks !

Should have something to do with implementing some kind of gitflow process in Next

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