VS Code integration for Spectral

I’ve really been getting into using Spectral with custom rules to validate OpenAPI specs against internal standards and wanted to see it in as I work in VS Code… so I wrote the VS Code extension for Spectral.

Lint as you type

It behaves like the CLI out of the box - uses the .spectral.yml or .spectral.json in the same folder by default, but allows you to configure it to point to a workspace-relative path for a central ruleset, filter what gets linted by glob pattern or language type, and so on.


Very cool Travis! Thanks for sharing. That’s amazing.

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This is amazing! Travis, we actually have our own we were just about to release so lets collaborate and meld the two together to make the best possible Spectral extension. Could you poke me on phil@stoplight.io so we can talk about it? I’ll donate some trees in your name for the trouble :smiley:

Absolutely! Watch for an email in your inbox, coming shortly.