Version Selector

(Colleen Chan) #1


I’ve created different versions in my document hub, and have released 2 of the versions.

When I select the ‘Read’ tab, I can see the version selector at the top of the page and can see the different versions of the released documents.

However, after I published it, on the published site, I can’t see the version selector. Is there something I need to do to make that visible so that end users can see the different versions?


(Taylor Barnett) #2

When you are in the publishing section, does it show both versions?


(Colleen Chan) #3

Yes, I can see the 2 versions that I’ve released in the publishing section, like your screenshot


(Taylor Barnett) #4

I’m going to message you for more private details.

(Taylor Barnett) #5

For anyone following along since we resolved it privately, it was because the Hub file did not exist in one of the previous versions. And although the dropdown showed up in Read view, when selected, the file was not there.

(Taylor Barnett) closed #8