Unpublishing and republishing

(Robert) #1

I unpublished striim.docs.stoplight.io from a project that seems to be corrupted somehow. When I try to publish again from a clean project, I get “GraphQL error: Domain already exists.”

Do I just need to wait for DNS to get updated?

(Taylor Barnett) #2

Can you direct message me the URL of the project where you had the domain? I’ll get it checked out. The domain might have been still attached and we’ll get it removed, so then you can use it again.

(Taylor Barnett) #3

Hey Robert, could you send me some more replication steps? I am seeing that you have set the domain to https://striim.docs.stoplight.io/, which I thought you were unable to do because of the bug.

(Robert) #4

The UI confused me. I didn’t click Remove Domain, which I thought was a description of the Unpublish button to its left. All sorted out now.

(Robert) #5

Except it’s apparently not live.

(Taylor Barnett) #6

Are you able to click the “Set Live” button successfully?

(Taylor Barnett) #7

We have an open issue to make parts of it easier, like deleting.

(Robert) #8

It eventually showed up. Some latency somewhere?

(Taylor Barnett) #9

We went in and busted the cache, so it would show up for you. When domains get transferred between deployments like this, the cache sometimes takes a bit to catch up with it. Glad we got it all figured out! I’ll close this later if everything keeps looking good.

(Taylor Barnett) #10