Unable to Get Token for Stoplight CLI Nor Make Public

Hi, I’ve been able to set up automatic publishes of documentation from a personal-private repo in GitHub. When I view the documentation in Stoplight, I see the “Publish” menu, which allows me to grab the token to allow me to publish via the CLI.

I also have a private repo that’s from an organization to which I’m an admin. I’m able to publish the docs from Stoplight Studio, but for some reason there is no “publish” menu to allow me to get the token to do this via CI/CD. I also do not have the opportunity to make the documentation public like I can for the other repo. Could someone help me understand why someone might not have these options for a particular repo if they have the ability to manually publish?

Going to add some more details here:

We discovered that the individual who is the owner of the GitHub organization was able to get access to the token.

Given this, I’m going to expand my question a bit. Is there a way to extend ability to have access to these permissions to someone who is an admin of the repository, rather than just the org repo? Since the documentation is specific to the repo where it’s published, it seems it would make sense that anyone trusted as an admin for that repo should have ability to control publishing, and not just org owners. Thoughts?

Hey we’ve got a solution for you, sorry for the delay, but it’s a sneaky one. Can you email me: phil@stoplight.io

We’ll get you running straight away.