Unable to build and publish the Documentation


since 3 days we are not able to build and publish any version of the documentation.
the build freeze when it try to fecth the hub file.

Can you help us?


Hi @vgrenier.prestataire, thanks for letting us know, and I see you’ve already opened a ticket with our support team. We’ll be following up through the ticket as we have a better understanding of the issue here.

Dear @ross,
I’m a colleague of Vianney who is in holidays at the moment, I don’t have access to the ticket he has opened. Do you know if there is any news about this issue ?

Hi Mathilde, so sorry for the delay here! I have added you to our support portal, and have updated your permissions to see the ticket that Vianney opened here:


Once you login you should be able to see the contents (and add comments).

My last comment was recommending to remove the examples from the exchangesPaths API temporarily, as the large examples seem to be the cause of the issue here. We are still working to understand why the examples in particular are causing issues, but removing them (or trimming them down substantially because they are quite large) should resolve the issue in the immediate time-frame.

Hi Ross, thank you for your answer! I will share that with the team to see if we can temporarly reduce those examples on our side.
I’m able to see the ticket now, thank you very much, I will follow the resolution until Vianney’s return.