UI supporting the inheritance

Hi All,

I want to ask if you’re considering the further support for the inheritance and polymorphism from the user interface? We’re really missing the intuitive way fro displaying the request body allowing a few different implementations.

We really like the Redoc’s approach in term of handling the inheritance - the user can choose the type (discriminator) and see the different models that can be passed to the resource.


What do you think about it?

Hey @pekunicki, so we don’t have anything planned on this just yet, but I have opened an issue on our Github tracker that you can use for following updates on this functionality:

Hi @ross, thank you for the answer. It would be very helpful if you can consider this feature during planning.

BTW, do you have some estimation, when this feature could be available?

Hi @pekunicki, sorry for the delay, but there’s no estimate that we can provide at this time. If it gets implemented, it will most likely be a couple of months out. We’ll be sure to post an update here as well as in the Github issue when it gets picked up, though.