Timeline and Thoughts on Prism Custom Mocking & Persistence

We’re evaluating Prism for a mocking tool, and really love it so far! But, we were curious, is there an estimate on when custom mocking and data persistence might be implemented? These sound like really great features, but want to make sure we temper expectations on when this might be available.

Additionally, we’d be interested in helping contribute to these features, but didn’t know if/how we could help on larger features such as these.

Hey — we do not have any specific roadmap for these items.

I can tell you they might be good candidates for the next big milestone we’re planning. Would you available for a quick video call to go through your needs so that I can at least get a sense of what you’re looking for specifically?


Hey Vincenzo,

That would be great! We’re located in CST, but we’re flexible. What’s the best way for us to set up some time? Feel free to email me at andrew.bell@1904labs.com and we can chat further, or you should be able to see my availability if you’d like to propose a time.


Nice! I’ll follow up via email!