Support OAS 3.0

(Tatiana Perry) #1

Are there any plans to start integration OAS 3.0? It’s been available since about mid 2017 and I am seeing many APIs (including mine) move over to it.

(Taylor Barnett) #2

We’ve already started adding support for OAS 3 for some of our tools like linting and mocking. We’ll be working on integrating it into the larger platform and we are on target for OAS 3 support in Q1 2019.

Since it may come in parts, what things are you wanting the support for modeling and documentation? Or just documentation?

(Tatiana Perry) #3

I work on just the documentation portion. So I currently have to do several steps.
Convert the files from OAS 3 to OAS 2, then convert them to JSON.

It would be great if I didn’t have to do any of that.

(Taylor Barnett) #4

Good news! In v4.7.0, we released OAS support in the Code Editor and generated Documentation. We’re working on getting it into the Visual Editor now too.

(Dpenna Queiroz) #5

What’s the timeline for supporting OAS3 for other parts of the platform than modelling and documentation? I’m particularly interested on being able to use my OAS3 for contract testing.

(Tatiana Perry) #6

For the current OAS 3.0 can this be updated to show example request and responses? Currently, it only displays the schema.

(Taylor Barnett) #7

@dpenna.queiroz @tatiana.perry

I’ll have a better answer for you after a roadmap meeting tomorrow.

(Dpenna Queiroz) #8

So, Any updates. We are growing our OpenAPI 3 spec and it would be great to have contract tests (it was one of the main reasons why we choose stoplight).

(Taylor Barnett) #9

Sorry about the delay @dpenna.queiroz! It didn’t get worked out in the meeting, but I got an answer now. It’s on the roadmap for Q4. I know this is probably longer than you were hoping for, but we have other features that will help you use OAS 3 coming before then too.

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