Support for Auth0 custom domains

Hello, I just set up access control for a Stoplight hosted project to use our Auth0 service, as is documented here: This appears to work fine as long as I do not use our (Auth0) custom domain, but rather the ‘raw Auth0 domain’.

If I configure Stoplight’s: Auth0 --> Hosted Login Page field like this, the authentication works:

(FYI - the above quotes are just to prevent the web control used in this editor from displaying Auth0 marketing content. I don’t actually enter quotes into Stoplight).

If on the other hand I use our auth0-configured custom domain (this domain is registered within Auth0 itself, and all of our applications use this URL), this leads to a Stoplight error when I attempt to login:

I looked around in this community to see if others are asking about this but have not found anything that relates to this subject.

Can someone comment on this? We really don’t want our customers seeing the ‘’ domain when they access our hosted login page.