Support for adding external file into a POST request as multipart/form-data


(Amal Jayaraj) #1


We have API’s which we use to POST file as multipart/form-data. This we currently test with postman quite easily by uploading the file using a key-value pair as shown in the screenshot below.

However, I do not find an option to do the same from Stoplight Next. If the functionality is not yet supported, I feel this to be an important feature to be added Stoplight Next.


(Thomas De Groof) #2


We just discovered this limitation as well…
Any update from the team?

(Taylor Barnett) #3

@thomas.degroof @amal_jayaraj This is a feature request that we totally agree on, but I don’t have a good timeline for when it will be added. I’ll talk more with the team about it.

(Mdhawan) #4

+1 We just faced this limitation. Any ETA for this?