Suggest logging in when trying to save changes


(Oleg Arkhipov) #1

Today I opened my project (to be more precise, I just started my browser, where tab with the project is always opened). I made some amount of changes, tried to save, but Save button was gray, as if no changes were made.
I tried editing more, reloaded page (losing changes), cleared cache, and then finally checked project’s main page (by clicking house icon) to see that I have only read access. 20 seconds later I realised that it was because I get logged out for some reason (max session time?).
I now know there is my avatar in left-bottom corner when I am logged in, but it is not obvious to check it here, and other than that I had no indication of the source of the problem, so I was thinking it was some bug.

Maybe it is better to still activate Save button, but when pressing or hovering over it suggest to log in + give possibility to preserve changes automatically (ok I admit I wasn’t smart enough to copy generated source OAS file)?

P.S.: great project IMHO!

(Taylor Barnett) #2

This is good feedback @oleg.arkhipov. There’s definitely some things we can do to show the difference between read-only mode and when you are logged in.