Stoplight vs. "Next" vs. "Studio"

Hello all,

I have just joined a small company as a technical writer, and have “inherited” its own current Stoplight-based documentation project. I haven’t worked with Stoplight prior to this.

I am a little confused about the relationship between the different services running at,–which my company uses–and Stoplight Studio. Reading between the lines, it looks as if the “Next” used to be Stoplight’s next version, but that this concept has since been replaced by Stoplight Studio. Is that correct?

I would be happy to proceed with using and learning, but I’m concerned that Stoplight’s support and attention may have moved away from it. There’s no mention of “Next” that I can find on’s main website, for example, and its documentation at has both broken images on its front page as well as a banner suggesting that I go use Studio instead.

If Stoplight’s support has all moved to Studio, then I’d be happy to internally recommend that our documentation migrate that way as well. However, if “Next” is going to remain a supported project for the foreseeable future, then I’d be happy to continue using it instead.

Please advise. Thank you!

Hey Jmac,

You got it right, we’re putting most of our efforts in Stoplight Studio and the Stoplight Platform that replaced Stoplight Classic and Stoplight Next.

Maintaining multiple versions at the same time has certainly not been any fun, but kicking users off without a viable migration path is also not great, so we’ve had to keep a few options going for a while. Now that Studio and Platform have really leveled up in terms of feature parity, we’re expecting our few remaining users to migrate over soon, and will be in touch with next users to help them out with that process.

If you’d like more information, please check out this article.