Stoplight Studio Web version - Pull failed with: Merges with conflicts are not supported yet

The web version of Stoplight Studio is behaving bad when I try to work with a git repository.

I once synched our project with the web version and switched to a development branch. Now I worked in the desktop version on that branch and I wanted to pull these changes into the web version.

I get the error
Pull failed with: Merges with conflicts are not supported yet.

Despite the fact that the commit menu on top says no files have been modified

So why is it that I can’t pull my changes to test deploy the docs?

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PS: Different old issue: I deleted a project under project settings and it wasn’t deleted completely. Adding the same git repo again produced the same problems with some shadow files Studio was adding somehow to the project.

Hi @klopf.michael, are you working from the same Git commit that the remote HEAD is referencing? You should be able to see the current commit on the bottom bar in Studio:


This error usually signifies that someone pushed a new commit to the remote that cannot be merged without resolving a conflict, which is pretty common. To address this issue, you’ll want to:

  • Create a new branch in Studio
  • Push that branch to Github
  • In Github, open a PR to merge your changes to the upstream branch

Unfortunately this also means that you’ll need to remove the project from local storage so that you can clone it again. To do this, access the cog wheel at the very bottom left of the screen, navigate to Project Settings and click “Delete Project”.

Once deleted, re-clone it.

I know this is a pain. We are working on support for resolving merge conflicts, however it is still a ways out.

Hi @ross sorry for the wobbly answer that’s coming, but I’m not sure if I know what you mean.

The last commit in the web version is this one

The history locally looks like this

We made four new commits. Everyone is using git pull --rebase and pushes on top. So no merge problems, the history is clean, locally and on the remote.

I expect stoplight to pull these four commits without any problem, as there are no conflicts with changes in the web version. We made no changes there, we use it only for publishing.

Would you expect any conflicts now?

Well, since of today I can’t delete projects anymore too :face_with_monocle: Version online is v1.6.15 (4f2b3f7)