Stoplight Project to Git Repository Integration

  1. A blank local project was created in Stoplight.
  2. Folders and files were added to the project.
  3. Clicked the ‘Push to Workspace’ button.
  4. Modified the project.
  5. Clicked the ‘Push’ button.
  6. Clicked the ‘Promote to Git Repo’ button.
    Choose “Bitbucket Server” for Integration.
    Choose the correct Owner.
    Leave Repository Name as is.
    Click the “Create Git Repository” button.
    Success was indicated.
  7. Check Bitbucket, the repository was created.
  8. Clicked the ‘Push’ button again.
    Under Branch it says “Commit directly to the ‘main’ branch”.
    Click the “Push” button.
    Success was indicated.
  9. When I look at the project “Automation” tab, there are no Webhook Events listed.
  10. When I look at the project “Settings” tab, the “Default Branch” is “main”.
  11. When I go directly into Bitbucket, for the corresponding repository, I see this fault message. “The default branch is set to “refs/heads/master” but does not exist. Configure the default branch in the repository settings.”

Is there a way to use Stoplight to change the default branch from “main” to “master”?

Have we configured something incorrectly with our Stoplight to Bitbucket integration?