Stoplight editor issues

I’ve been trying out your new Stoplight OpenAPI editor app. Mostly good, but a few major issues. Is this the right place to report them?

I’m running it as a desktop app on macOS 10.13 on a Mac Pro with 8 CPUs and 32G.

First of all, it’s slow, but in a very specific way - it acts like it has a sleep(6) in the event loop. Any clicking or typing builds up as a backlog and only gets processed about once every 6-10 seconds, but it does those things quickly. The net result is a lot of waiting around and a general lack of responsiveness.

Next up is I can’t seem to create overlapping endpoints - for example I want to have both /posts and /posts/{postid} paths, it appears to try to merge them, or I end up with two entries in the sidebar, but clicking either one of them selects both of them and I end up with a blank editor area. I also don’t see any place to define URL path params like this, only query params, but that may be intentional.

It seems to be quite easy to get the sidebar and text editor views out of sync - for example if I change a path in the text view, it is often not changed in the sidebar even after multiple other changes.

I can’t see a way of adding things like HTTP headers that are common to the entire API, for example adding accept: application/json to all requests without adding them individually to every endpoint.

The editor is adding a v1 versioning element to lots of things - I’m not using versioning like this (as recommended by “APIs you won’t hate”), so how can I remove that?

Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out! Just to clarify, this is in regards to our new release Stoplight Studio correct?

@marcus Assuming you are using Stoplight Studio, the next time you see issues like this can open the developer tools within Studio and see if there are any relevant errors or messages?

Here is an example of opening the developer tools on macOS:

Also it would be great if you could provide the Studio version as well:


We certainly appreciate the help!

Yes, Stoplight Studio

I had a thought about the performance problem. When I created this project, I wanted it to save as a folder within an existing project’s git repo. This is a typical Laravel app and so runs to about 10k files (inc vendor folder). When SLS first opens the project, it spends quite a while scanning all project files, and the entire project appears within the files tab. I wonder if the presence of all those files is causing the slowdown?

The only thing logged in the console so far is this warning:

a8f3d3bf085ae13f61f9.worker.js:70 Encountered error when running rule 'path-params' on node at path '$':
TypeError: c.paths[e].parameters is not iterable
a @ a8f3d3bf085ae13f61f9.worker.js:70

The overlapping paths problem seems to have magically solved itself, and I’ve now managed to add them.