SSL Certification Verification - How to Disable?

(Trey Thomas) #1

I’ve been using Postman for a while, and trying to now use Stoplight for the API documentation and testing. One setting I needed to disable on Postman was the “SSL Certification Verification”.

I searched through the community posts, looked in the documentation, and through the settings, but I couldn’t find this any where.

Or is there is place in Stoplight I can place the SSL cert so it will match on the host/requestor?

I’m using Stoplight Next on Windows 10, version 4.9.4 download from

I’m trying the “HTTP” option from the top, while I am modeling a new API.


(Ross McDonald) #2

@trey_thomas Unfortunately there isn’t a way to disable SSL verification for the HTTP Request Maker at this time. I’ve gone ahead and created a feature request to add this kind of functionality to the desktop application, though, so we’ll chime in here once progress is made.

(Trey Thomas) #3

@ross - What about loading the cert? Does Stoplight look for certs in a specific location, or can I point to the cert via a config file?

(Ross McDonald) #4

@trey_thomas Unfortunately I don’t believe there’s a way to override the trusted certificate. Does your OS trust the certificate? For example, if you navigate to it in a web browser do you get an error?