Spectral `yarn test.harness` is failing

I am preparing to create two new formatters: teamcity and intellij. After forking, cloning, and building, yarn test.prod passes, but every test for yarn test.harness fails.

Looks like something is not configured. The same error is emitted for every test:

/bin/sh: /Users/bkaplan/si/spectral/binaries/spectral: No such file or directory

btw, the formatters are very simple. Teamcity just emits service messages, eg:

##teamcity[inspection typeId='valid-example-in-schemas' file='src/api.yml' line='3970' message='\"hour-min.example\" property pattern should match pattern \"^(?:(|[01|]\\d||2|[0-3|]):(|[0-5|]\\d))$\"']


I already have the teamcity formatter as standalone running off the json output.

The intellij just needs to tweak the stylish so the errors are in a format that intellij will navigate to. That could be as simple as just adding the file name as a prefix the existing line:column.

Hoping you will accept PRs for these.

Hey @barry.kaplan, do you mind opening an issue for this against the Spectral Github repo? That will be the best way to get the attention from the development team on specific issues like this.