Site Stops Responding While Adding Pages (and Publishing)

Hello, I just tested on chrome and firefox, they behave in similar ways.

The only way I have been able to modify the documentation is using the desktop version. However, publishing is not working in any of the browsers or the desktop version.

I haven’t been able to replicate the problem on any of my projects, but I will check it out on your project now.

In what way is publishing not work? It didn’t work properly for a few hours in the web app today, as seen on here: But it should be working now.

I was just able to recreate the issue with your documentation Hub. Progress. But I have no idea why it is happening. It seems to be something specific your project, so I am going to have to keep digging deeper.

I’ve started sharing the issue internally, but I am about to head out for the day. I’ll keep on it.

One last thing I want to add before I head out for the day, I think it might have to do with your Underwriting.oas2 file and the references to it. I’d try to remove it to see if things work better without it. If they do, then we can dig into what in that file is causing the problems.

@taylor You were right, after removing underwriting from the documentation it is building correctly.

That’s good to hear. Stoplight has been stress tested with a lot of very large OAS documents like your’s, but for some reason it is having issues with this one. I’ve opened an issue with the engineering team to take a look at it.

Hello @taylor, did the engineering team take a look at the problem?

I believe we rolled out some updates to help the performance on this. Are you still seeing issues?

Yes, we still have an error when we publish (only when we add that specific swagger file to our documentation page)

So I talked with the engineering team, and it looks like some performance updates were made.

Are they the same errors as before? Or just when publishing? If they are when you are publishing, can you share them? I haven’t those ones.

Well, the site no longer stops responding (unlike before) - but the publishing still does not work (this also happened before). The error message doesn’t say much, I am not sure if there is a more detailed log I am not seeing. I have attached the message I see.


Okay, this appears to be a separate issue. I’m looking into it now.

We’re still looking into it. There appears to be a memory issue related to when this specific Hub is built. We’re looking into what might be causing it.

Hello Taylor,

Was the issue resolved?


@taylor Hello, just wanted to follow up on this


@taylor Could we please get an update on the status of this problem?


Hey Antonio,

Sorry about the silence. We had made some improvements when this first came up, but I am not sure if it entirely fixed the problem for your docs.

I’m going to dig back into it to see if there’s a potential workaround.

@ajguzmanb I’m not seeing any failed builds in your recent publishing logs. Have you seen any error messages?

@taylor We removed the API that was causing the error, if you like I can add it back so that you can check the error message.

@taylor Great news, I tested the file that was causing the error and the error is no longer there!

Best and thanks,