Sharing embedded pages between hubs

(Agofer) #1

I have two hubs - one for use inside the company and one for external developers. Their structure is slightly different. I am sharing the oas files between the hubs, but it seems I cannot share “Embedded” pages between them. I thought I can use the project “markdown” section, but then I found that the format of the markdown files is different (less expressive) than the format I can use in the hub embedded pages.
Is there any way to share embedded pages?
Thanks !

(Robbins) #2

Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out. The recommended approach is to reference markdown files. There is unfortunately no method for sharing Embedded pages other than copying the code via code view.

(Agofer) #3

@robbins I see. Is there a plan to support the embedded pages format in the markdown pages? I find it much better for creating documentation.
Thanks !