Sharing common models accross project ( and organization )

(Thomas Mignon) #1

Hi Stoplight Team,
Today i’m experiencing some particular use-case that Stoplight can’t manage,
we have some API inside different project on multiple organization that have the same model object ( for exemple a Person Model ) that is the same but he is duplicated in each of these,
The problem is when that model evolve, It is redundant to change the models inside each of these swaggers, and errors are made when someone forgot a swagger for example,
There is a way to resolve this today with a trick maybe ? Or maybe, it is included in your roadmap ?
Thanks for your work anyway,

(Nicolas Tisserand) #2

Hi Thomas (from my company),
You can manage this in using external references between the Swagger files and the common model.
This is something we have to work on, particularly for the APIError model. Planned, but not finished.
Please come at my office and talk to Christophe & the Fabrices about this need.

(Brian) #3

Hi Thomas,

This is indeed on our roadmap for the new version of Stoplight (Stay Tuned!). We will have a Common Library where you can tag specific models as “Shared” and then pull those in as a reference when using our design tool. We should have this released in Q4, our latest version of Studio is in an Open Beta right now as well.

I’d be happy to jump on a call with you to give you a demo of this new feature and would love to hear your feedback!

Brian Rock
Director of Engineering