Server basepath definition error


I am new with StopLight and I have a problem.

I am trying to add a basePath variable with a default value for server URL using openapi specification like you can see in the picture. But when I test it with Try It functionality StopLight give me a error because it can’t resolve the route. How must I do it?


Hey, I have been in your position before, trying to work out how to handle multiple versions of APIs. Should you put all the APIs in one OpenAPI file, put them in multiple OpenAPI files? Multiple Projects?

It can be tempting to put them in one file, because often v1 and v2 are similar, but if the different versions are very similr, global versions might not have been the way to go. If they are different, then server variables will not work for you.

If you just have /foo and /bar and the v1 or v2 lives in the server variable, there is no mechanism to describe the differences between v1 and v2…

What I would do, and have often done, is make GestoreDeUsarios.v1.yaml and GestoreDeUsarios.v2.yaml. You can use shared models whenever they are the same, and maybe look into design library masks (if you’ve got that feature enabled) to make slight differences between versions.

Either way, trying to mush different APIs into a single file is a route to disaster.

Also, potentially just a side note now, but I am not sure if the request maker is aware of server variables anyway. I’ll give this example to the team.