Send a Test Request box - questions

(Einnes) #1


  1. What are the CSS elements that can be edited for this? I want to edit the names of username and password.

  2. Is there a way to hide how long a request takes using the CSS?

  3. Is there a way to take the Send a Test Request box and embed it different places? I want to put this kind of box a few other places. If I could tell it what API to pull from, and then the box can be used like a block that would be cool. Is there maybe a manual way I can do that even if there isn’t a GUI way?

(Taylor Barnett) #2
  1. There’s a HTTP Request Maker as a block when your page is type “Embedded.” The icon looks like a paper airplane.

(Taylor Barnett) #3

@einnes what are you looking to change it to? username and password are usually standard for Basic Auth. The test request feature isn’t as easy to change with CSS like the rest of the docs.

(Einnes) #4

I would like to ideally have it say Customer ID and API Key, because that’s how we refer to these. Then when somebody looks at the box, they go oh I have those instead of hmm username and password? Where are those?

I understand this wouldn’t suit every customer - I was hoping this was customizable though it would help with usability.