Security Schemas in Stoplight Studio

I have created a simple API with 2 security schemas (basic and bearer) both of them in HTTP type
When I try to use it in endpoint there is no way to understand what schema is used (until you back to code specification and see it there)

P.S. also I have to change a key for schema manually from scheme_0 and scheme_1 to basic and bearer

  schemas: {}
      type: http
      scheme: Bearer
      description: bearer
      type: http
      scheme: Basic
      description: basic
      name: API Key
      type: apiKey

I think it’s better to generate the key based on a schema, not just schema_n
And second, more important, my purpose is to use a key in Security dropdown instead of type

Thanks for letting us know! It looks like you’ve already opened an issue on Github, which is what I was about to ask you to do for this kind of an issue:

Someone will update the Github issue once it’s been reviewed by the team.

Please don’t hesitate to open more issues if you encounter any other bugs or issues like this!