Secret Sharing Links


(marlon) #1


I are evaluating stoplight as a solution to host our docs and it looks promising so far.
However, we would like to share a doc via a secret link such as We would like to do this for two reasons:
1.) We do not want to provide Users with credentials
2.) We can not rely on the Users E-Mail so Magic Links with Auth0 are sadly no option.

Do you have a suggestion to address this challenge?


(Taylor Barnett) #2

Hi @marlon,

We don’t have a way to do this right now for publish docs. If you just wanted to share the specification, this is possible right now tokens, like this:

I know this is probably not ideal, but you could also host your own documentation from the static files Stoplight creates and implement something on your backend. This does require tier documentation tiers though:

I’ll make sure to open up a feature request for this on our end.

(marlon) #3

Hey @taylor,

thanks for you ideas, but sadly that is no solution for us.
I appreciate it that you opened a feature request and I think it might be something more people would like to see.