Search bar showing not found if you don't type a whole word out

(Einnes) #1

One of our support people noticed that the search bar behavior has changed. If you type a word, it says ‘not found’ until you completely spell out the word. When the content matching the term is returned, it doesn’t highlight the word on the page or show you where the word is on the page so you can see how relevant your search is.

For an example, go to and on the home page type the start of the word ‘permissions’ into the search bar. You will see the behavior I’m describing. If you type the complete word, you can see that it doesn’t highlight the term in the returned content.

I’m not sure if I have things set up wrong on the tool, or if it is a bug.

(Taylor Barnett) #2

Just wanted to drop an update for anyone watching this: We agree, search isn’t great. And we will be putting this on the roadmap for later this year.