Search API endpoint

Hi - unless it’s already a feature and I didn’t find it, it’d be really helpful for us to be able to search for docs on a hub via API.

This would be to support chatbot support that can retrieve guides for site users.

Hey @ed.long, that’s a cool request. I’m not sure when something like that would be possible, but I will chat with the team about it.

Cool, thanks @taylor. It’s something our success team is already working on building so will probably need to find a workaround if it’s a longer-term possibility. Can you replace the search service in Stoplight with a third party service e.g. Swiftype?

There’s been some teams who have explored implementing custom search. I’m checking to see if they went down that path…

Documentation is getting a revamp later this year and something like a search API would be potentially possible with it. What’s your timeline like?