Running 'prism proxy' with --errors flag doesn't enforce required header

I’m running prism as a proxy for another service, and the OpenAPI spec for the service specifies that an x-authorization header is required.

When I submit the request to the proxy, I see that prism is showing a validation violation due to missing header. However, I’m getting the response from the “live” service itself, rather than the error about the missing header from prism proxy. I’m using the ‘–errors’ flag. I’ve also confirmed that other sorts of errors ARE reported.

Is the intended behavior to not enforce required headers, or is this potentially a bug? Note that when running prism as a mock server, it successfully returns error if missing required header.

Hey @tylerscottnielsen,

thanks for writing us. According to your report, this definitely appears to be a bug on our side. Would you mind opening an issue on our GitHub repository? We can keep the conversation there.

I will definitely do that either today or tomorrow, thanks for following up.

@vncz - I’ve written up the issue here and included steps to reproduce:

Just to close the loop on this thread, this issue was resolved in release 3.3.4.