Roadmap for GraphQL support

(Thomas De Groof) #1

Hi guys,

I couldn’t find any mentions of GraphQL in both a Community and Github issues search, so asking the question here. Hopefully it can serve as a future reference for other people trying or using Stoplight.

Do you have any ideas or concrete plans on supporting GraphQL specifications?

Thanks in advance for your reply,

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(Marc) #2

Hi @thomas.degroof - good question!

We don’t any explicit timeline, but would definitely consider supporting GraphQL. Ultimately, we’re working towards an extensible foundation that makes it easy to add support for any number of different specifications (GraphQL, OAS 4, gRPC, etc).

Curious, what specific features / tooling would help you with your GraphQL workflows? What are your main use cases?

(Thomas De Groof) #3

Hi @marc!

Sorry for the late reply, but better late than never :wink:

We’re currently experimenting with the application of GraphQL for specific parts of client applications (e.g. AWS AppSync).
So it would be great if all API documentation - both regular REST API and GraphQL parts - could live in place.

Looking for inspiration at comparable tools, Insomnia did a pretty good job with GraphQL support.
See and
Graphiql is very useful as well, see

If you ever start working on this feature, reach out and we’d be happy to beta-test!

(Tatiana Perry) #4

Hi, has the roadmap for this changed?

(Thomas Mignon) #5

Hi guys,
Has the roadmap changed since this post ?
Graphql testing feature inside stoplight would be so great :slight_smile:

(Taylor Barnett) #6

No major changes. But we are still working towards an extensible foundation that would make it easier to add future support.

(Thomas Mignon) #7

Ok thanks for the reply :slight_smile: