Retro-versioning documentation

(Helen Griffith) #1


We have recently created our API developer portal in Stoplight.

We forgot to version the documentation before making some considerable changes.

Is it possible (for you) to:

  1. Clone our project so that we have a backup?
  2. Revert the main project to a specific point in time so that we can version it?

Kindest regards,


(Taylor Barnett) #2

Hey @helen.griffith,

How familiar are you with git?

We have a way for you to clone your project locally:

Once you do that and save it outside of that folder, you can find the git SHA id in the history of changes in your Stoplight project or in the git log that you want revert to.

There’s a good chance you might have some merge conflicts to resolve before you can push back. Then you can make the version in the Stoplight UI and copy over the changes you wanted to from the project you saved locally.

(Helen Griffith) #3

Hi Taylor,

Thanks so much for your reply. I’m not familiar with git at all but fortunately I have plenty of colleagues who are likely to know exactly what to do so I think this will be perfect.

Thanks again,


(Helen Griffith) #4

Hi Taylor,

Success. Thank you!


(Taylor Barnett) #5

Awesome, happy to hear that! :smile_cat: