Response headers do not show up in published api docs

(Tomcaflisch) #1

I have an API that I’ve defined to return a Location header. There is no mention of these headers in the published version of my api.

Why not?

(Tomcaflisch) #2

Rather i should ask, is this a bug in the published versions of api’s?

(Ross McDonald) #3

@tomcaflisch Sorry for the delay! This is indeed a bug, and one we are working to address right now.

We’ll post an update here as soon as we have more information.

(Taylor Barnett) #4

Hey @tomcaflisch, we just released a fix for this. Could you try it again to make sure it is fixed on your end?

(Tomcaflisch) #5

Do i need to republish for this to take effect?

(Taylor Barnett) #6

You should be able to see it in your Hub in the preview, but in order to see it at the public URL of your docs, yes, you will need to rebuild.

(Tomcaflisch) #7

Just republished. I don’t see it in the published version

(Taylor Barnett) #8

Oh! One small thing, it is not live yet in the Desktop app. I thought you had been using the web app. Sorry for the confusion!

(Tomcaflisch) #9

I also don’t see it in the web view either. Where should i be looking?

(Taylor Barnett) #10

I just talked to the team and the engineer who worked on the fix. It appears we fixed something related, but not this. :frowning: I’m sorry about that. We will get this fixed in v4.8.0 which will be coming out at the end of the month.

(Taylor Barnett) #11

Hey @tomcaflisch, we just released a hotfix and this should have made it out into it. Could you check again? Hopefully we got it this time.

(Tomcaflisch) #12

Looks to be fixed! thanks!

(Taylor Barnett) #13