Removing the API overview, or at least modifying the content

Is there a way to remove the “Overview” that comes with every API? We have articles that organize and explain everything about the API, the overview is not needed.

Also, due to the fact that we can’t group/order the API endpoints (other than by tag), we are using multiple API’s to better organize things, therefore the overview is duplicated several times.

If the overview cannot be removed, is there a way to modify the content?

You’re not the first person to ask about ditching the Overview, and we’re on top of it already. There’s. redesign coming to docs and they’ll hide the overview page if there is no info.description in OpenAPI.

As for ordering endpoints, can you go and vote for this feature over here?

If you can provide information on how you’d like the feature to work, it’ll help guide our implementation when we work on it.

Thank you!