Removing a version


I created a new version of my API by accident. Am I able to delete it? (The reason it happened actually was because I got a big red Stoplight error when I created a new version. So I tried again—another big red error… Then I refreshed the page—> two new versions!)

Thank you in advance,


Hi Helen,

Great question! Unfortunately there isn’t a way to delete a version of your project through our UI on the Next platform. Have no fear though, we’re hard at work on the next generation of Stoplight’s Tools and this will be addressed in the new product!

In the mean time, if you tell me the organization, project, and version; I’ll be happy to handle this for you and remove the version.

Thank you and let me know if you have any other questions!

hi Brian,

Thank you for your response… I thought that was the case.

It would therefore be much appreciated if you could get rid of the following:

NewVoiceMedia - Insights Stats API - version 3.00 (two zeros—the other one we want to keep!)

Thank you in advance,


Hi Helen,

You should be all set now, please let me know if you have any questions.


Perfect! Thanks Brian.


In the past I removed the versions with the git command that remove branches. Now a pre-receive hook block me.
$ git push origin --delete version/3.1
$ ! [remote rejected] version/3.1 (pre-receive hook declined)

So, I need delete it, can you help me too?

My organization is onidata and my project creditor.

by the way, are there in your roadmap allow versions with names instead incremental numbers?


Someone created an API Version V1.1 on our project by mistake: can we delete that by deleting the branch in Stoplight’s git repo?

(We tried on our test repo, and seemed to work)

How the versioning system currently works in Next. We are planning on fixing many issues ya’ll have described by Q1 - Q2.

  1. When you create a new version within Stoplight Next, the git backend automatically makes that the default branch in the backend
  2. You cannot delete a default branch which is why you can’t remove a newly created branch
  3. You can delete any other branches with git commands


  1. Creating a new branch (thus making it the default branch) and then deleting the other branch
  2. If this is not an option, reach out via the in-app chat (or send an email to and Support can help you delete a branch