Recognising spec files in our Stoplight repository

Hi there.
We’ve got some json spec files which we added to our stoplight Git repository. In the past we’ve used external links to, but it would be much easier for them to be within the Stoplight repoistory.

Unfortunately, the Stoplight publishing tool doesn’t recognise our .json spec files as “Models”

  • In order for them to show up as “Models” on the Stoplight web app (and in the autocompletion widget), they needed to be called either api.oas2.json or api.oas2.yml …
  • When the file is called api.oas2.json , it doesn’t render the docs. It just shows the title and no content.
  • When the file is called api.oas2.yml, it works OK.

Is there any way we can get Stoplight to properly recognise .json files without renaming them as .yml files, please?
Would you agree that it does seem like a bug?