Query and path parameters

Hi all !

I have several questions among Query and Path parameters management in the Hub view (OpenAPI 3 typed page)

Is it possible to inverse display ? i.e. Path parameters on top and Query parameters then ?

(edit : in fact it’s a matter of version, with Swagger2.0 api specs, Path params appear before …)

Is there a way to act on default opening status for those two sections ? (I would like to have Path parameters always opened…)

Are the “exploded” : true, “style” : “form” attributes supposed to by supported ?

The aim is to be able to define an object schema that is composed of many attributes (like pagination options as “page” “pageSize” etc. in order to reuse the same object in many routes without having to copy that bunch of parameters in every route

I use polymorphism to manage basic filtering params and ability to extend it in a custom way …

Thank you for your help !