Pulling specific version i.e. myapi/v7.2 from git repo

Hi Team
For pulling any project I use the following command
git clone https://user:access-token@git.stoplight.io/project_name
I have created multiple brances in my project
how can i pull a specific branch lets say 1.1 for example ?

Hi @pushpendra.sinha, versions in Stoplight NEXT correspond to branches in the underlying Git repository. For example, if you have 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 as versions in your project you should be able to clone the Git repo like so:

git clone https://username:$APIKEY@git.stoplight.io/myorg/myproject.git
cd myproject

And then switch to the different versions using git checkout version/$version:

# go to v1.2 version
git checkout version/1.2

Let me know if you encounter issues with anything above.