Problem embedding a MailChimp form

I’ve created a page and embedded a MailChimp form in it. (source:
It looks fine when rendered but it doesn’t allow for entering any input - just can’t type anything in any of the text boxes.
We have discovered that it is somehow caused by this file:
Blocking the request to that file in Chrome dev tools makes the form editable.
Would you guys have any idea how to work around this?


Yup, seeing the same on my end. Initially I thought it might have to do with being in a Markdown file but it happens in an HTML file too. I’ll open up an issue with the engineering team.

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Thanks, Taylor. Curious what you guys find out. Maybe that js file is not really all that necessary. :slight_smile:

As a side note, I’ve tried creating pages as html files initially, but it seems much easier to get them to look good when using html disguised as markdown.

Until we get this figured out, have you thought about making it a link to a Mailchimp form?

Yup, that’s exactly how we had it done previously with so it’s not even a “regression” from our point of view. But, I think we still have a while before the final switch (waiting for marketing/design) so it’s not a massive priority ATM.

We’re getting closer to being ready to go public with this, so wondering if you guys have an update on the issue?

Funny that you ask, someone worked on this issue this sprint and the fix should hopefully be out in the next release, v4.10.0. Just saw it closed this week.

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Could you please let me know here when that fix lands? Currently that’s the only thing holding us back from going live and signing up as a paying customer. :raised_hands: :tada:

Looks like the new version went live last week. Our form started working and so we just went live. Woo-hoo! :champagne:

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