Prism v3.0 Just Released!

We just released Prism v3.0 with lots of updates!

We are excited to announce the release of Prism v3, which contains significant upgrades, including:

  • support for OpenAPI 3.0.x (in addition to 2.0)
  • fully open-source, we’ve already got quite a few community contributions
  • more dynamic example responses
  • detailed logging, including for failed requests
  • a huge jump in request volume for your mock API

You can check out all the new features and enhancements here:

Great news, good work team!

What are the plans regarding Stoplight integration?
Is it or will it be possible to use prism 3 to connect to a Stoplight mocking scenario, just like the current v2 integration?

Hey Thomas,

we definitely have plans to integrate Prism v3 back in Stoplight. I can say that the integration with the Stoplight’s platform is not going to be the same.

We’ve got some interesting plans and we want to do the things differently this time.

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