Prism - Using external examples?

I’m currently evaluating Prism for a project where we have an OAS 3 document that we would like to reference examples via URL and use those for mocked responses. Is this something Prism supports?

For example:

      summary: List all pets
          description: A paged array of pets
                $ref: "#/components/schemas/Pets"
                $ref: "http://localhost:8080/Pets.json"

I dropped a debug breakpoint in http/src/getHttpOperations.ts where Prism calls @stoplight/json-ref-resolver. Here the $ref is resolved as the string "object Object". My Pets.json is simply a JSON object on a local server.

Do I have something configured incorrectly? Or, is this something not supported?

I am almost sure we support such scenario; we resolve both local files as well as http. Are you using the latest Prism version? (3.2 at the moment)

Just to follow up for anyone else looking, we ended up going a different direction, so I had not tested this further. Thank you for the follow up though :+1:

Thanks for the followup!