Prism: How to override the length limit on mocked string responses of 100 chars

I have an api definition and one of the fields in the response has the format ^[0-9A-Za-z;!]{256}$

When I run prism via stoplight desktop and send a request, I only get 100 characters in the string in the response, not the 256 which the api definition dictates, and in fact the prism log reports that its response violates the validation rules (well not surprising, as it didn’t follow the rules in creating the response!).

I think the reason is that in JSONSchema.ts, where prism sets jsf.options it sets maxLength to 100 (I’m only guessing here, but it seems likely)

So my question - is there a way in the config to override this length limit of 100? 100 does seem a bit short (and arbitrary)

Thanks in advance!