Prism - Adding CLI Option to Test all Endpoints and Operations of OpenAPI Description

Goal: With one command, I’d like to validate status codes and response schemas (from an actual server implementation) against all the endpoints and operations in an OpenAPI description.

Primary Question:

To achieve this, we need to parse the OpenAPI description, gather the endpoints and operations, and make requests (both valid and invalid) to those endpoints with different parameters, request bodies, etc. through the validation proxy.

Through this we will, with one command, validate an API against its OpenAPI description and determine if the server-side implementation and/or the OpenAPI description need to be updated.

My team is currently researching tools that may be helpful in pursuit of this goal, and we may want to contribute this to Prism over the next few months. Is the Prism community interested in this feature, and will it accept our contribution?

Related Follow-up Question:

This feature would be much improved (for my team’s purposes) if the validation proxy does not log errors for requests. We want to be able to validate only response schemas and status codes for both valid and invalid requests. Would it be simple to disable request validation in the validation proxy?

For the sake of posterity, we have been discussing this in