Preventing Stoplight from reformatting files?

Our team is working with Stoplight as part of a larger toolchain for editing OpenAPI files. However, one problem we keep encountering is that when an OpenAPI file is edited with another tool, and then edited with Stoplight, Stoplight will apply its own formatting to the file, even to fields that were only looked at in the GUI but not edited. This results in massive diffs because Stoplight is deciding to e.g. change descriptions from using single quotes to double quotes, or vice versa, or will add or remove quotes around a field. As a result, it’s very difficult to track and review diffs because they are often accompanied by huge amounts of noise.

Is there any way to disable this behavior in Stoplight? To be clear, both the new and the old OpenAPI files are valid, but we would like to keep Stoplight from applying its own formatting rules to existing, valid OpenAPI files.