Posting content to files using REST API


(Matjaz Pirnovar) #1

Hi @taylor,

In this post Export using access token one can fetch a file content using rest api with access token. I am able to do that.

Could I also post or update content of a file using rest api (POST/ PATCH methods)?

Or that needs to be done strictly by manual import (in Project Designer) or via git.
Eventually what I need is to be able to fetch and update file content automatically/ programmatically (I would be fetching content periodically using CI).


(Taylor Barnett) #2

Right now, the recommended way is by using git. In the future, we will have more options for this that we are building out now to help you automate more of your process.

(Matjaz Pirnovar) #3

Thank you.

Would you have any ideas how that could be automated?
I could have a script cloning git repo, accessing the file, parsing & updating and then adding, committing, pushing?
That sounds cumbersome and error prone, but if that’s the way to go…

A simple REST API interface would be immensely handy.


(Taylor Barnett) #4

To be honest, I’d wait a bit longer for some new features to come. You’ll be able to get closer to what you want and have less headache to do it than if you integrate with how it is now unless you really need it to be automated right now.

(Matjaz Pirnovar) #5

ok. Do you have a time estimate on when posting functionality would be available?
Are we months, six months, year, two years? Would be helpful to have an estimate.

(Taylor Barnett) #6

Definitely this year. On the roadmap for late Q2/early Q3.