Parameters documentation do not appear on published API

(Agofer) #1

When I add query or path parameters with their description, the description appears only on “Design” perspective but not on the “Read” perspective or the published docs.
We are building our developers guide for external developers based on StopLight and it is really a problem.
Is it something you are aware of? planning to fix?
thanks !

(Ross McDonald) #2

@agofer Thanks for letting us know. We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix as we speak.

We’ll post an update here as soon as we have more information.

(Agofer) #3

Thanks @ross. Waiting to see it resolved soon :slight_smile:

(Einnes) #4

Hey I think this is resolved. I had this issue too and my stuff shows up now. :slight_smile:

(Agofer) #5

@einnes Thanks - Indeed it is ok now :slight_smile:

(Taylor Barnett) #6

Glad to hear it! I’ll close this topic if there’s nothing else related that we can help out with.

(Taylor Barnett) #7