Page tags are lost when reordering pages

(Arie Gofer) #1

Seems like an (annoying bug).
I am adding tags to pages on the hub file. Once I use the “Table of Contents” option and there I move pages around (reordering them for one) - all the tags from all pages are lost.
Note I am referring to pages tags and not to API tags which work ok.
Thanks !

(Ross McDonald) #2

@agofer Thanks for letting us know. I have opened an issue with our team to have this issue addressed. In the meantime I’d recommend re-ordering pages using the drag-and-drop mechanics in the per-page sidebar directly, instead of going through the Table of Contents menu.

I’ll post an update here as soon as we have an update.

(Arie Gofer) #3

Thanks @ross ! will do.

(Taylor Barnett) #4

This should now be fixed in v4.8.0:

@agofer let me know if it looks good to you!

(Arie Gofer) #5

Looks great. Thanks !!!

(Taylor Barnett) #6