Organize paths into folders

Hi there.
Haven’t found a thread about my question.

I’m wondering if there’s any chance to create “folders” to organize paths. Not physical folders. I’m reaching an interesting number of paths that could(must?) be sorted hierarchically, but all of them are into the same openapi.yaml.

I mean


You get it.

Thank you in advance.

Hey there,

Sure thing. Have you tried grouping/tagging your endpoints to organize them ? If you are working with Studio there is a tagging feature available there as well

Hi Robbins.
Thanks for your answer.

I’ve checked the tutorial and, even I’ve tagged the paths, they’re still listed in a column, with no grouping nor option to view them differently. Maybe we’re not talking about exactly the same thing. I’m referring to most left column.
I’ve glad to have somewhat “foldered” but without actual filesystem folders. Is that possible?

See a little bit of my endpoints list. Actually it’s way longer and it is turning pretty hard to follow and find elements (worst even, our paths are becoming a bit long and they don’t fit in the column width).

BTW: You can see I’m using Studio.

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