Ordering paths in Stoplight Studio

Hi, I need to order some paths in Stoplight Studio so that they appear in a certain order when a user reads the documentation, however, ordering of paths appears to be alphabetical. I read your support page and saw that someone has stated something similar, the response back to them was to update the underlying OpenAPI spec based on the order you want the paths to appear, I did this but it hasn’t worked.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.


This is two things, both of which I would love to see in the product.

  1. Drag and drop re-ordering for Paths
  2. Respecting the order in Docs

We’ve not got a roadmap card for it yet, but it’s being discussed internally. If you don’t hear anything from us in a few weeks please check in.

Hi @philsturgeon, checking in on the above! :smile:

Hey! I can say with some level of confidence that it’ll be happening in Q4. We’re up to some stuff when it comes to docs, so… fingers crossed Q4! :smiley:

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