Not able to mock the API with inbuilt prism server

Hi Team,

I started using Stoplight with web version for one of my client requirements. I am able to use it properly for API design but I am facing the problem with the in prism server when mocking the API.

  1. Its not performing the validation for Request, its just displaying static response defined in example.
  2. Its just giving 200 response code for dynamic responses with response body coming as “{
    “$schema”: “
    and sometime it wont return complete response as some of the references wont come. only main fields will come and sub references are not displaying.

3.Even after updating my examples for request and responses at method level and even at endpoint method level also its not taking updated once.

Is there anything I need to reload the things where prism takes updated once. How to check prism server is working fine or not?

The same generated yaml file is running good in my local machine prism server but through stoplight I am not able to test it.

Also can any one suggest how to use static response scenario to fetch one record if we have defined in example with multiple records.

Note: Desktop version has very limited features and not able to connect with Repo documentation also compare to web version. If any one can share the best version for desktop stoplight please let me know.

Thanks & Regards,