New users are asked to introduce themselves but have no access to the link provided :)

As per title, signed in to the community for the first time today, and being a good community citizen I went to introduce myself as asked and was met with a stark message telling me I don’t have access to!

Hey Alan, thank you! The support forum here needs a little love, it’s been neglected, but I’ll get on top of it. :sunglasses:

Hang on, what was the message you received? I see several people have introduced themselves recently. Did you try to do it before verifying your email or something?

Hi Phil, thanks for looking at this. I did try also after but I wonder if I didn’t log out and log in again, might make a difference, lemme go try!

Tried again.

In case the image doesn’t work it says “Sorry, you don’t have access to this topic”

Hi; I’m having the same problem.

Hello anyway :slight_smile: