New to Stoplight: Workspaces in Studio App on MacOs?

Hi, I have created a workspace in the web portal and was able to connect with our BitBucket. But in the App on my Mac, it seems the login is not connected to the new workspace…can I access the new workspace and its included BitBucket also in the app on my Mac?

Hey mki,

Workspaces are very new, we released them only about 5 weeks ago, and Studio Desktop has not quite caught up with the online offering yet. We’re working hard to get an updated Studio Desktop version out that will make this all a bit more clear, but basically the login in Studio Desktop v1.x is not connected to workspaces in any way.

No bother though, things still work just fine! Seeing as Studio Desktop is designed to be a totally standalone tool, with the login only ever being optional, you don’t need workspaces, or the projects they contain, to be able to work with your API descriptions and Markdown.

You can just go to BitBucket, grab the git clone URL, and open that Git project in Studio Desktop.

Workspaces for Studio Desktop will be coming out in the future. :slight_smile: